Make Your Bathroom Work for You

Make Your Bathroom Work for You

Ask about our custom shower rebuilds in Huntsville, AL

Does your shower tile look dingy or old? Do you need a little more space to move around while you're showering? World Class Renovations in Huntsville, AL can give your shower a complete makeover a custom shower rebuild. Depend on us to take out all old showers and tubs and create a beautiful walk-in shower that offers both luxury and convenience.

Meet with our local remodelers today to start planning your new custom shower rebuild.

Why hire a professional to tile your shower?

Retiling your shower may seem like an easy DIY project, but little mistakes and improper tile installation can result in major issues. Rely on the professionals at World Class Renovations to make sure:

  • You have a watertight seal around your shower.
  • Your shower drains properly.
  • Your tile design is symmetrical.

Before you start your shower rebuild, reach out to our team in Huntsville, AL.